How Can I Find a Provider Near Me That Uses Amino Acid Therapy?

How Can I Find a Provider Near Me That Uses Amino Acid Therapy?

We get requests everyday from people looking for a practitioner in their area that uses amino acid therapy. The best place to start is to contact NeuroResearch at and ask them if there is anyone near you that has taken a training with Marty Hinz, MD in your area; they have the most complete list of providers in the country and should be able to find someone you can contact. (more…)

What is Naturopathy? Seven Core Beliefs

What is Naturopathy? Seven Core Beliefs

Naturopathy is a philosophy of disease and healing built up as a result of many years of client investigation and research into the nature and cause of disease.

It is based upon a conception that realizes that disease is something which arises in the system solely as a result of the body’s attempts to rid itself of obstacles to its proper functioning. Disease is regarded, therefore, as being something directly connected with the life and habits of the individual concerned. It is the direct outcome of these same ways and habits of living, and not something apart from, or foreign to them.

The power to prevent and reverse disease is taken to reside always and only within the body and spirit of the client and will manifest itself as soon as the practices which have hampered its activity in the past and obscured its presence have been rectified. In other words, the body and soul of the client possesses the power to heal itself once the obstacles to health have been removed.

Seven Core Beliefs of Naturopathy

As a naturopathic center and online source of information on naturopathic medicine, there are seven core beliefs that guide our recommendations:

Core Belief #1: Do No Harm

The first core belief is to do no harm. As naturopathic practitioners, we are concerned with the health and healing of our guests first and foremost. Therefore, we must not and we do not base our decisions or implement therapies that lead to a deterioration of health or weaken the body’s ability to heal itself over time. Furthermore, we will not employ a therapy that brings about short-term symptom suppression at the expense of long-term health and healing. Our job is to remove the obstacles to health and support the body so that it is in tune with nature’s laws. This brings us to our second belief, and that is the healing power of nature or Vis medicatrix naturae.

Core Belief #2: Believe in the healing power of nature

This is a profound belief that the body possesses the ability to heal itself if given the proper opportunity. The body is believed to have an innate intelligence that is always striving for health. It maintains that the morbific agent, such as bacteria does not directly cause the symptoms accompanying disease, but rather, that the symptoms are the result of the body’s intrinsic response or reaction to the agent and the body’s attempt to defend and heal itself. Symptoms, then, are part of a constructive phenomenon that is the best choice the body can make given the circumstances. In this construct, the role of the doctor is to aid the body in its efforts, not to take over the functions of the body. To do this, one must identify and address the causes of the diseased state, which brings us to our third core belief.

Core Belief #3: Identify and address the cause

Fundamental to our philosophy is that if we identify and adequately address the root causes of disease or dysfunction, thereby allowing the body to heal, the body will do so. To do this, we use several assessment techniques that allow us to determine which systems within the body are working properly and which ones indicate signs of dysfunction. Oftentimes, a breakdown in one particular system in the body can manifest as different clinical responses in different people. Therefore, we are not so much concerned with the name or label placed on a diseased state, as we are with the underlying root causes the labeled disease connotes. Once we determine and begin to address these root causes, our job is to teach the client on how to cleanse the body of toxins, rebuild the body using food and therapy and maintain health once all the systems in the body are working optimally. This is the fourth principle – the doctor as a teacher.

Core Belief #4: See the doctor as a teacher

The word ‘doctor’ is derived from the Latin word Docere, which means “teacher”. We believe therefore, that a fundamental aspect of our job, indeed the most important aspect, is to educate our clients about the natural laws governing health and how they can obtain and maintain a state of optimal wellness. We teach our guests how and what to eat for their particular condition, instruct them in the use of various forms of hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, relaxation and emotional release, among others, so that they can take control of there health care by taking a proactive role in it. We do NOT want our guests to be dependent on us for care; we want them to know what they must do and we motivate them to take the steps necessary to obtain and maintain their health. This brings us to the fifth belief and that is that we must address the whole person.

Core Belief #5: Address the whole person – body, mind and spirit

It is becoming a familiar concept that our physical health is dependent on our mental, emotional or spiritual state of being. There is no refuting the fact that if we are emotionally upset for instance, our physical health suffers. Likewise, it is well documented that a high degree of stress over time leads to a deterioration of health. As we are trying to locate ALL the underlying root causes of dysfunction, we must address not only the physical factors, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that are affecting our client’s health. Truly optimal health can only be achieved if we heal each of these aspects AND have balance between them. Therefore, we address each of these aspects from the first day a client walks through our doors and we incorporate different therapies to address these areas as the client progresses toward greater health and wellbeing.

Core Belief #6: Use first the therapy that requires the least force

The sixth core belief is that we begin with the therapy that uses the least amount of force for the greatest benefit. Health is a process of gradual cleansing, rebuilding and repairing the body. We cannot circumvent this process in the long run by using heroic methods of healing when they are not called for. We always start with the simplest and least invasive approach and use more complex and detailed approaches only when necessary. The simplest form of therapy is prevention, and this is the seventh and final fundamental belief in naturopathy.

Core Belief #7: Practice prevention first and work towards that as the end goal

If we can help our guests from becoming ill and manifesting disease in the first place, we have done our job adequately. Prevention is the perfect embodiment of the first six core beliefs – we do no harm if our guests maintain vibrant health. The body, through its innate intelligence, does what it needs to in order to thrive in and adapt to the wide range of environments and stresses placed upon it. As we have taught our guests what they need to obtain and maintain optimal health, they know what the core things are they need to do and they have the knowledge and the tools to follow through and experience the benefits of following nature’s laws. This includes addressing all aspects in their lives – body, mind and spirit – and they can address these areas with the least amount of discomfort and the greatest reward.

At Natural Solutions for a Healthy You, our job is to promote health and well being through the scientific application of natural healing methods with the ultimate goal of optimal health through education and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Prevention is the end goal, and one that we can help our guests achieve for themselves and their loved ones.

Getting Over Your Weight Loss Plateau

Getting Over Your Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss is tricky. One of the things that haunt even the most dedicated person trying to lose weight is the dreaded weight loss plateau. Almost everybody that tries to lose weight will hit at least one weight loss plateau, usually after losing 15-20 pounds, and most of us will hit several of them if we are losing a significant amount of weight. These can be trying times – you are doing everything “right” and/or the same as you were, but weight loss stops.

When most people hit a weight loss plateau, they double down on workouts and/or become stricter with their diet and/or calories. Rarely does this work and motivation starts to take a hit. Many people give up, as it doesn’t seem like anything they try is helping.

But there is a solution.

Getting Over Your Weight Loss Plateau

When you hit a weight loss plateau, it is almost always due to an imbalance in detoxification. A little background will help you understand why.

Everybody is full of toxins. We live in a toxic world. Even if you eat only organic food and live in the country, you cannot escape the toxins that are all around us. Luckily, our bodies have several mechanisms to help us deal with these toxins. These include modifying and eliminating them; if this is not possible (due to nutritional and or other deficiencies that limit detoxification or due to toxin overload) the body can store these toxins away so they don’t have as great an impact on our health.

And it stores them in body fat.

Herein lies the difficulty with weight loss. When a person begins to steadily lose body fat, there is less and less fat to store these toxins and inevitably, some of the toxins are secreted back into the circulation. At some point, the body recognizes that it cannot safely handle any more toxins and it puts the brakes on fat loss. No matter what you do at this point – whether that is hitting the gym until you can’t move or restricting calories until you are nearly starved – you will not lose significantly more body fat until you support proper detoxification.

This is why detoxification and help you get over your weight loss plateau.

Detoxification – The Key to Getting Over Your Weight Loss Plateau

Supporting proper detoxification will allow the body to rid itself of the accumulated (and newly released) toxins due to previous weight loss. Once this occurs, it can also help the body eliminate stored toxins from existing body fat. Once that happens, the body can then begin to shed this excess body fat again and get you off of your weight loss plateau.

The key is proper support.

Detoxification is a heavily nutrient dependent process, meaning that it takes a lot of nutrients to do it right. Once more, everybody has different imbalances in regards to weight loss. Now, there are tests that can help you determine your specific imbalances (such as the Organix Comprehensive Profile with or without a Fatty Acid Bloodspot). However, many people don’t want to run these profiles. Luckily, there is a kit available to help you cover all your bases which will allow you to safely and effectively address your detoxification imbalances and gets your weight loss moving again in the right direction.

The Dynamic Detox 10-day Detoxification Program is a great way to jump start any weight loss endeavor and/or get you off a weight loss plateau. People that are actively engaged in weight loss would benefit most by doing one of these 10-day programs every 1-2 months, whenever they lose 10-20 pounds or whenever they hit a weight loss plateau, whichever comes first.

Doing a Dynamic Detox 10-day Detoxification Program in this way will keep you losing weight in a healthy way and get you over your weight loss plateau.

Supplement Quality – How to Tell if You are Getting What you Pay For – Part 3

Supplement Quality – How to Tell if You are Getting What you Pay For – Part 3

Part 2 of this three part series highlighted how looking at the label and learning more about the form of vitamin E used in a product, as well as how the fish oils are processed, can give you significant clues about the quality of your supplements. This final installment will provide you some additional resources where you can go for more information. (more…)