Weight loss is tricky. One of the things that haunt even the most dedicated person trying to lose weight is the dreaded weight loss plateau. Almost everybody that tries to lose weight will hit at least one weight loss plateau, usually after losing 15-20 pounds, and most of us will hit several of them if we are losing a significant amount of weight. These can be trying times – you are doing everything “right” and/or the same as you were, but weight loss stops.

When most people hit a weight loss plateau, they double down on workouts and/or become stricter with their diet and/or calories. Rarely does this work and motivation starts to take a hit. Many people give up, as it doesn’t seem like anything they try is helping.

But there is a solution.

Getting Over Your Weight Loss Plateau

When you hit a weight loss plateau, it is almost always due to an imbalance in detoxification. A little background will help you understand why.

Everybody is full of toxins. We live in a toxic world. Even if you eat only organic food and live in the country, you cannot escape the toxins that are all around us. Luckily, our bodies have several mechanisms to help us deal with these toxins. These include modifying and eliminating them; if this is not possible (due to nutritional and or other deficiencies that limit detoxification or due to toxin overload) the body can store these toxins away so they don’t have as great an impact on our health.

And it stores them in body fat.

Herein lies the difficulty with weight loss. When a person begins to steadily lose body fat, there is less and less fat to store these toxins and inevitably, some of the toxins are secreted back into the circulation. At some point, the body recognizes that it cannot safely handle any more toxins and it puts the brakes on fat loss. No matter what you do at this point – whether that is hitting the gym until you can’t move or restricting calories until you are nearly starved – you will not lose significantly more body fat until you support proper detoxification.

This is why detoxification and help you get over your weight loss plateau.

Detoxification – The Key to Getting Over Your Weight Loss Plateau

Supporting proper detoxification will allow the body to rid itself of the accumulated (and newly released) toxins due to previous weight loss. Once this occurs, it can also help the body eliminate stored toxins from existing body fat. Once that happens, the body can then begin to shed this excess body fat again and get you off of your weight loss plateau.

The key is proper support.

Detoxification is a heavily nutrient dependent process, meaning that it takes a lot of nutrients to do it right. Once more, everybody has different imbalances in regards to weight loss. Now, there are tests that can help you determine your specific imbalances (such as the Organix Comprehensive Profile with or without a Fatty Acid Bloodspot). However, many people don’t want to run these profiles. Luckily, there is a kit available to help you cover all your bases which will allow you to safely and effectively address your detoxification imbalances and gets your weight loss moving again in the right direction.

The Dynamic Detox 10-day Detoxification Program is a great way to jump start any weight loss endeavor and/or get you off a weight loss plateau. People that are actively engaged in weight loss would benefit most by doing one of these 10-day programs every 1-2 months, whenever they lose 10-20 pounds or whenever they hit a weight loss plateau, whichever comes first.

Doing a Dynamic Detox 10-day Detoxification Program in this way will keep you losing weight in a healthy way and get you over your weight loss plateau.