We get requests everyday from people looking for a practitioner in their area that uses amino acid therapy. The best place to start is to contact NeuroResearch at www.neurosupport.com and ask them if there is anyone near you that has taken a training with Marty Hinz, MD in your area; they have the most complete list of providers in the country and should be able to find someone you can contact.

This post comes to us from our friends at Amino-Acid-Therapy.com.

If they cannot find a provider in your area, be sure and ask them if they know of anyone taking phone and/or Skype consultations. If they still can’t find someone, contact us and get on our waiting list. We get a list of possible referrals, be sure to inquire about the practitioners experience using amino acid therapy to find the right match for you.

We have been working with amino acid therapy since 2001 and have seen over 3000 people suffering from disorders related to neurotransmitter dysfunction, including migraines, depression, anxiety, insomnia, OCD, obesity, addictions, fibromyalgia, trichotillomania, restless leg syndrome and Parkinson’s disease. We have seen so many people with these and related conditions, that we have made several websites so people can learn more:

More and more health care providers are being trained in the therapeutic use of amino acid therapy every year, so don’t give up if you can’t find a provider near you right now; keep checking in with NeuroResearch until you find a provider that can help.