Many people are trying to find ways to save money while working toward their health goals. Supplements can be a major expense for some, so finding ways to save money on the supplements you buy can be a great place to start. Here are some easy, simple ways to get the most for your supplement dollar!

Getting the Most for Your Money

  • Ask for discounts. Many places offer discounts the more you buy. Find out where the price breaks are and buy enough to get the most for your money (e.g., buy enough for 1-2 months). Even 5-10% discounts will save you enough to get several bottles of supplements for free.
  • Use a high potency fish oil. Lower cost fish oils often times contain substantially less EPA and DHA ( the two omega-3 fatty acids research as shown provide the most benefits), which means you need to take substantially more (up to 10-20x more!) pills to get the dose you need. Labels can be deceiving; look for the amount of EPA and DHA, not ‘omega-3’ or ‘fish oils’. Most people need 2000-3000 mg or more of EPA and DHA/day for optimal benefits. Orthomega is a great product with proven results that allow you to use less and save time and money.
  • Get your greens. If you don’t like vegetables, especially green vegetables, you can purchase a concentrated ‘green-food’ like Dynamic Fruits and Greens that provides the equivalent antioxidant protection of 20 servings of fruit and vegetables daily in just 1 great-tasting scoop that can be mixed with water or in smoothies. Alternatively, try putting leafy green vegetables (like frozen spinach, kale, and chard) in smoothies; you will be amazed at how good it tastes and aside from the color, you won’t even know it’s in there!
  • If times are really tight and you need to cut back on your supplementation for a while, at a bare minimum, take a good quality multi-vitamin/mineral supplement along with a high quality fish oil to maintain your current level of health. Many products come in easy-to-use packets, such as Wellness Essentials for Men, Wellness Essentials for Women and Wellness Essentials for Women Prime (post menopause). Take as directed (usually 1-2 packets daily) and you’ll have the support you need!
  • Always remember – efficacy matters. The most expensive supplement is the one that doesn’t work. That $6 bottle of fish oil isn’t a good deal if it isn’t helping you improve your health, or worse, if it contains contaminants that will adversely affect you over time. Buy your supplements from someone you trust; someone that has done the research and is going to provide you with a quality product, every time. See our discussion about Why Quality Matters for more information.