Weight Loss Wednesday: Curb Your Nighttime Cravings

The hCG Diet May Be Making A Comback, But Don’t Be Fooled

The full diet is a 500 calorie per day plan plus daily injections of the pregnancy hormone hCG. Obviously, you’re going to lose weight eating only 500 calories a day. The hormone was included because it was thought that it would help people on the diet reduce their hunger. It was also believed that the hormone would help mobilize fat from areas where it’s typically hard to lose. (more…)

Weight Loss Wednesday: Curb Your Nighttime Cravings

Wondering Where your Willpower is?

Do you ever wonder why you can’t just walk by the candy dish at work without helping yourself to a handful or why you can’t stop thinking about the ice cream in your freezer until you break it out and eat half of if right out of the carton? Where is your willpower?