Do you ever wonder why you can’t just walk by the candy dish at work without helping yourself to a handful or why you can’t stop thinking about the ice cream in your freezer until you break it out and eat half of if right out of the carton? Where is your willpower?

There actually isn’t anything wrong with your willpower. Rush University Medical Center has come up with a new weight loss counseling approach that takes the focus off of willpower and onto brain chemistry. For many people relying on willpower to carry you through dietary and lifestyle changes is impossible and very discouraging.

If you have out of control cravings, they could be stemming from a multitude of different factors: hidden food intolerances, stress, hormone imbalances, even lack of sleep. But most often, for uncontrollable cravings, neurotransmitter imbalances are to blame. Neurotransmitter are chemical messengers in the brain. And when they are sending a signal, they are pretty much impossible to ignore. So if your neurotransmitters are telling you to eat sugar, your willpower probably won’t stand a chance against them.

The good thing is that you can balance out your neurotransmitters easily and naturally with supplements. And the cravings will disappear. So don’t blame yourself and your lack of willpower. There could be something much more powerful going on in your body or your brain.

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