Toxins include any substance the body cannot use and must eliminate. Some are created by the body as a part of normal metabolism, but most toxins come from our environment. Pesticides and herbicides; food additives, colorings and preservatives; air and water pollutants; and products we use such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco are all toxins. They can disrupt proper digestion and elimination, create hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances (which will affect your mood, energy, focus, concentration and pain levels), decrease energy production and disrupt your overall body chemistry.

Our body has several mechanisms to modify and eliminate toxins, but problems arise when the demand for elimination becomes greater than the ability to do so. This is even more pronounced when the diet lacks the nutrients necessary for the elimination process. When the body’s detoxification limits are reached, toxins start to accumulate, and this commonly occurs in body fat. This is unfortunate, as the body will NOT burn that body fat, to prevent those toxins from being released. This is a weight loss plateau for many people. Your metabolism will decrease in an effort to protect your body from the stored toxins.

Getting Over a Weight Loss Plateau by Detoxifying

Each person has specific detoxification needs; running one or more of the functional tests recommended in this section can help you pinpoint yours.

No matter your specific needs, most people will benefit from running a 7‐10 day detoxification at least every 2 months while they are losing weight and once every 3 months while they are maintaining weight loss.

Clear Change is a comprehensive 10 day detoxification program that is simple, easy to do and provides everything you need. If you find that you feel fantastic while or immediately after this 10 day program, you may want to continue following the guidelines and supplementation for at least a month and repeat the cycle at least every other month.

Another option is the shorter, but more intense Core Restore program. It also provides everything you need, but it is a 7 day program that is more restrictive. For more information on the two detox options, refer to your handouts or contact us.

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