Optimal Body Balance: Toxicity

If you have ever experienced a plateau during weight loss, it is very likely that toxic burden was to blame. Toxic burden also often causes fatigue, poor quality sleep, depression, anxiety, irritability, poor concentration and focus and countless other symptoms that can derail weight loss efforts.

What is toxic burden?

How is toxic overload preventing you from losing weight?

This week we will explore the topic of toxic burden and why you should seriously consider performing a targeted detoxification program to help reduce your burden.

We have many different detoxification options as you will see in this weeks handouts.

What you need to do:

1. Getting Started (DOWNLOAD PDF and print)

Watch the following Video:

2. Toxic Burden Handout (DOWNLOAD PDF and print)

3. Watch the following Video:

4. If you haven’t done so, complete the Underlying Metabolic Imbalance: Toxic Burden Quiz (DOWNLOAD PDF and print)

5. Determine Your SMART Goals (you will complete this task each week)

6. Plan Your Meals and Exercise for the Week (you will complete this task each week)