Optimal Body Balance: Sex Hormone Imbalances

Scientists are discovering there’s a hidden key to shedding pounds, and it’s got little to do with calories or willpower. Meet your hormones — and the surprising effect they have on weight.

Hormones are the chief executives of the body, governing everything: our sex lives, our stress lives, our immune response. Research has implicated hormonal imbalances in everything from breast cancer to short-term memory loss — as well as what we eat, why we eat it, and what happens to the body once the food is down our throats.

This means that when you picked up that doughnut, you weren’t just having a weak-willed moment. You were obeying your team of internal managers.

This week, you’ll find out how hormones exert their influence on you and how you can regain control of them.

What you need to do:

1. Getting Started (DOWNLOAD PDF and print)

Watch the following Video:

2. Sex Hormone Imbalance Handout (DOWNLOAD PDF and print)

3. Watch the following Video:

4. Determine Your SMART Goals (you will complete this task each week)

5. Plan Your Meals and Exercise for the Week (you will complete this task each week)