Optimal Body Balance: Insulin Resistance

Finding Balance One Meal at a Time

Many times people start to feel really great around the fourth week of their OBB program. That has to do with hormonally balanced eating – or managing your blood sugar.

Our topic this week is about how hormonally balanced eating – what we call the Balanced Plate concept – can make a huge impact on your energy, health, weight loss and wellness.

I often joke that the ‘plate’ concept that we talk about takes 5 minutes to learn and 5 months to master. If you are often eating in a hurry or dining on the go, it will take a little pre-planning to make this work.

It is worth it and so are you!

Be sure and review your Getting Started handouts, where you were introduced to the Balanced Plate concept, before you go through this weeks handouts.

Good luck!

What you need to do:

1. Getting Started (DOWNLOAD PDF and print)

Watch the following Video:

2. Insulin Resistance Handout (DOWNLOAD PDF and print)

3. Watch the following Video:

4. If you haven’t done so, complete the Underlying Metabolic Imbalance: Insulin Resistance Quiz (DOWNLOAD PDF and print)

5. Determine Your SMART Goals (you will complete this task each week)

6. Plan Your Meals and Exercise for the Week (you will complete this task each week)