When I came into the Natural Path Health Center I had an itchy, red rash on the front and sides of my neck, on my eye lids and under my eyes and around my mouth; I had the rash for 5 months before coming in. I developed the rash after being treated for strep throat in the fall of 2002 (it was March 2003 when I came into the NPHC). I was also very irritable and nervous all the time. All my symptoms got worse (rash, anger, irritability and even depression) around my menstrual cycle. I couldn’t relax no matter what I tried.


After four months on my program, the rash on my neck and eyelids was completely gone. I felt calmer and much less irritable. I also lost some weight and my weight does not seem to fluctuate nearly as much around my menstrual cycle.


My diet is even healthier than it was before starting (I thought it was pretty good before coming hereJ) and my energy level is even higher than it was before (and I thought I had high energy before coming hereJ)! I have a much more positive attitude and I awaken feeling refreshed. The anger and anxiety that I felt before is much better, and I don’t notice hardly any symptoms around my menstrual period!


I feel great!


Britta W.