Most everyone is familiar with the term ‘menopause’, which refers to the end of a woman’s reproductive years. What some people don’t know is that men also go through a similar transition, known as ‘andropause’ or ‘male menopause’, during their later years. In both cases, the transition is often associated with hormone imbalances and tends to coincide with other age‐related declines. Fortunately, rebalancing hormones naturally generally provides symptom relief and also tends to delay other age‐related illnesses and conditions.

Foundational support

The first place to start from a supplemental standpoint is to cover the basics. Supplement quality is a BIG problem (one that we highlight at length on our blog); at this point, know that all supplements, in fact most supplements are not created equally. Most of the products on the market are made with poor quality ingredients and/or processed in such a way as to diminish the supplement quality. Poor quality supplements means you are not getting what you paid for, no matter how little or home much you actually paid. Address your basic nutritional/hormonal needs with Wellness Essentials Men’s Vitality.

Saw palmetto (Serenoa serulatta)

Saw palmetto is a general remedy that works well for prostate health, partially if included with other remedies, as it helps to enhance the actions of other herbs. Saw palmetto helps maintain the prostate gland’s proper hormone balance – needed for optimal sexual function and weight loss, especially in older men. Prostatrol Forte contains saw palmetto along with other synergistic herbs for improved prostate health.

Rhodiola rose

Rhodiola can boost sexual desire in both men and women. Rhodiola is thought to work on the dopamine system in the brain which is very important to male hormone balance, sexual functioning and libido. It improves satisfaction, pleasure, erections, and response to orgasms. It also appears to help the body adapt to a variety of life stresses. Adreset (contains Panax ginseng and rhodiola.

Puncture vine (Tribulus terrestris)

The puncture vine has long been a popular medicinal herb used in many areas of the world to treat sexual deficiency. Based on that usage, pharmacologists studied the active ingredients of the plant and concluded that the active ingredients were steroid saponins. They isolated these substances, now marketed under the trade name Tribestan, in film coated tablets.

Because of its effective use in treating sexual dysfunctions, infertility, and impotence, many studies of Tribestan have been published in professional journals worldwide. Tribestan provides a non‐hormonal preparation which restores and improves libido in men, improves and prolongs the duration of an erection and increases the level of testosterone and sperm and sperm mobility.