When I came into the NPHC I was exhausted, depressed and had been having severe neck pain (pain rated a 9 on a scale of 1-10) for 9 months. I needed medication to sleep and was still exhausted in the morning when I awoke. I had needed naps most of my life that lasted from 1-4 hours in duration everyday. I had indigestion, acid reflux and bloating whenever I ate and my hair was falling out.


I have been on a personalized program now for 5-6 months and I feel SO MUCH BETTER than when I started. After only 2 months my neck pain was gone – I couldn’t believe it! I also stopped taking the medication to help me sleep and now I sleep soundly throughout the night and I awake in the morning when the alarm rings and get going! I don’t nap anymore – MY FAMILY CAN’T BELIEVE IT!


I still have NO NECK PAIN and my depression is under control. I have so much more energy and believe me, this is wonderful. I HAVEN’T HAD ANY ENERGY FOR YEARS – NOW I HAVE ENERGY TO SPARE! I am getting involved in more activities and I have more to give.


I no longer feel miserable during menstruation.


My hair stopped falling out within two months and my indigestion; acid reflux and bloating are gone. I can tell if I eat something that is not good for me – my body is telling me what it needs and what it does not.




Cecilia C