Road Trip? How to Incorporate Exercise While Traveling

Road Trip? How to Incorporate Exercise While Traveling

Nothing can get a person out of their routine like travel. Whether it be for work, play or somewhere in-between, travel disrupts our normal schedule, which can make exercise and eating well a little more complicated.

Luckily, you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to exercise while traveling. In fact, everything you need is likely available to you wherever you are; you just have to be a bit more creative.

Exercises You Can Do While Traveling

When you are on the road, think about doing exercises that hit the big muscle groups in opposing directions – meaning you want to do pushing and pulling exercises for each of the main muscle groups in the upper and lower body.

This may look like doing push-ups and bent over rows for the upper body along with squats and/or lunges and reverse leg curls for the lower body along with core exercises. These exercises can be done almost anywhere while traveling and are a great way to stay in shape and reduce stress while you are away from home.

To make sure you have proper form and technique while doing these exercises, check out this series of videos:

They provide some great instruction on how to do the exercises listed above, and provide a progression you can follow as you get stronger.

You Don’t Have To Give Up Exercise While Traveling

Yes, traveling will disrupt your normal routine (unless your routine is traveling); however, this doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise and/or stay in shape while you are on the road. Use this series of exercise videos: to help you keep active and fit while traveling and enjoy your time away from home.