The hormones and other chemicals released during extended periods of stress cause damage that triggers an immune response. What’s worse is that the continual flow of stress hormones also causes nutrient depletion as the body uses a tremendous amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to ward off the negative effects of stress. In addition, the more stress we have, the more likely we are to make poor food choices and not get enough sleep, leading to a downward spiral that continually throws our immune system out of balance.

The Fix: It’s unrealistic to think you can ditch stress completely and still function in today’s world, however getting regular exercise, plenty of sleep and practicing deep breathing, yoga and/or mediation can certainly help you manage it. See the following for more ideas:

 Keeping Stress at Bay the Natural Way

Recharging Your Batteries – Part 1: Sleep

Taking a multi-vitamin/mineral/antioxidant and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables (more than 7-9 servings daily) will also help ensure your immune system has an adequate arsenal of nutrients on hand. Some people will benefit greatly for adrenal support – most people find a formula like Adren-All a good all-around support formula.