“A long time ago, in a supermarket not so far away…”

This is how “The Store Wars” begins; it is a parody that explains the differences between organic and conventionally raised produce that can be a great teaching/learning tool for kids, teenagers and those new to organic foods.

Many people don’t realize that most of the food that they eat isn’t grown – it’s manufactured. We’re not talking about obviously manufactured ‘food-stuffs’ like packaged dinners, fast food or ‘hamburger helper’. Even that conventionally raised apple looks appealing because it is designed to look that way. It has been treated with many (often times hundreds) of different chemicals throughout it’s ‘life’ and most likely, it’s very DNA has been tampered with by food scientists to make it resistant to some of those chemicals and/or to impart certain characteristics the grower wants to maintain (i.e., like color, texture, disease resistance, etc.).

The true cost of all this tampering is not paid at the checkout counter; it is paid over time with our dwindling health and increased rates of disease and decay as we consume more and more of these ‘food-like substances’, and all of the chemical residues and genetic modifications that they contain.

Check out this short video and tap into the force behind healthy food: