Blood Sugar Control Products

Salad CaribbeanControlling your blood sugar is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Without proper blood sugar control, many detrimental changes begin in the body which can lead to weight gain, moodiness, sleep issues, cardiovascular disease, eye disorders, kidney problems and of course, diabetes. Improper blood sugar control usually starts with a condition known as insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is the inability of the body to efficiently use insulin to help burn blood sugar; it is key player in the development of diabetes, and is often accompanied by abdominal obesity. Insulin resistance develops over a period of time after being exposed to high amounts of sugar or simple carbohydrates. It goes something like this: blood sugar is high (due to imbalanced eating/consuming too many simple carbohydrates and/or consuming artificial sweeteners) so the body responds by pumping out more insulin. The cells get bombarded with insulin so often that they begin to ‘tone-down’ their insulin receptors (this is a similar phenomenon to what happens when you listen to load music; after a while, your ears adjust and your ability to hear decreases). This results in the cells taking in less insulin, along with the sugar and nutrients that come with it. Your blood sugar and blood insulin levels rise, leading to more fat storage and the initiation of many disease processes.

The common underlying imbalance is an inability of the body to properly breakdown and utilize blood sugar. Therefore, nutritional therapies designed at improving the body’s ability to produce and utilize blood sugar and insulin will help restore blood sugar balance. Here are several products that are designed to address insulin resistance and assist the body in regulating blood sugar properly.