Male Hormone Plus Salivary Test Kit

The Male Hormone Salivary Test Kit is a noninvasive salivary assessment of the daily circadian activity (i.e., how levels vary throughout an entire day) of bioavailable testosterone. The profile provides insights into a wide range of disorders, from reduced libido and muscle mass to cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, obesity, mood swings and osteoporosis. Click here for more information.

For a more complete analysis or if you would like additional information about how stress and/or sleep imbalances may be impacting testosterone levels, the Male Hormones Plus profile includes circadian analyses of cortisol and melatonin and an assay of DHEA. Besides being a precursor to testosterone, DHEA appears to play a key role in allowing testosterone to do its job throughout the body; knowing your DHEA levels can be critical to formulating an efficient action plan to correct any underling imbalances in testosterone activity.

A copy of the test results will be sent to you along with detailed recommendations to correct any imbalances.