Fenugreek Plus


Fenugreek Plus features concentrates of fenugreek, gymnema, and bitter gourd, three highly valued herbs used to help maintain blood glucose homeostasis. Backed by modern research as well as hundreds of years of traditional use, these herbs are among the leaders in providing natural support for healthy glucose metabolism. This formula is especially unique in that it features a highly concentrated source of fenugreek. Two servings (4 tablets) provide an amount equivalent to 15 g of raw, unprocessed fenugreek seed. Blood Sugar Control Blood sugar control is influence by many factors that lead to a ‘dysglycemic (abnormal blood sugar) response’. These dysglycemic states include insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia (Syndrome X), Type II diabetes, and reactive hypoglycemia. Insulin resistance is the inability of the body to efficiently use insulin to help burn blood sugar; it is key player in the development of Syndrome X, and is often accompanied by abdominal obesity. Here’s how it develops: The more refined carbohydrates you consume, the faster your blood sugar rises after a meal. In response, your body pumps out large amounts o insulin to help move the blood sugar into the cells. But insulin (a powerful hormone) also promotes fat storage, increased blood pressure and elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels. All this blood sugar and insulin generates large numbers of hazardous free radicals, which age the body and set the stage for heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases. Diabetes is characterized by abnormal insulin secretion and elevated blood glucose levels, accelerated atherosclerosis, neuropathy (nerve damage) and thickened capillary membranes. Contrary to diabetes, hypoglycemia is a condition characterized by sudden drops in blood sugar, associated with symptoms such as fatigue, headache, irritability, depression, nausea, rapid heartbeat, blurred vision, muscle pain, arthritis and/or tinnitus. The common thread with all these disorders is an inability of the body to properly breakdown and utilize blood sugar. Therefore, nutritional therapies designed at improving the body’s ability to produce and utilize blood sugar and insulin will help restore blood sugar balance. Note: If after trying these therapies you do not find the relief you need or if you have insulin-dependent diabetes, consult with your health care professional or contact us for further instruction.

TWO TABLETS SUPPLY: Fenugreek Seed 15:1 Extract (Trigonella foenum-graecum) 300 mg Bitter Gourd Fruit Extract (Momordica charantia) 150 mg (standardized to 2.5%[3.8 mg] bitter principles) Gymnema Leaf Extract (Gymnema sylvestre) 100 mg (standardized to 25%[25 mg] gymnemic acids) A 4:1†herbal decoction of: 750 mg Fenugreek Seed (Trigonella foenum-graecum) Rosemary Leaf (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Take one to two tablets twice daily after meals.

Additional Notes
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